Friday, September 26, 2008

New Videos Awesome Quality

I just went back and watched my video that I have hosted on my server and I can't believe the quality. It just can't compare to YouTube. So I am happy and ready to get part 2 finished of The Various Stages of Vermicomposting. I forgot I had split the video into two parts because I had originally planned on putting it up on YouTube and then I couldn't.

So anyway, keep an eye out for notification that part 2 has been uploaded. It will be soon.

Until then,

Happy Worming.

VermiCulture Northwest


Mark said...

Very informative. Looking forward to more videos.

Michael said...

I am probably impatient as a beginning worm bin manager but I find the videos extremely wordy. Alot of words, phrases and screen time that offer no information. I want you to get to the point and several times have endured a 10 minute video in which you tell in detail what you are going to cover, and why, and how... but you never really get to the content. Thanks for listening...