Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busy Time for Worm Bin Composting

Now is the time of year when worm bin composting keeps you busy. The gardening season is at hand and those of us who worm bin compost to use the by-product have our hands full. Not only do we have the garden to get ready, seeds to plant, plants to is the time we are harvesting the worm bin of it's valuable soil amendment. Not only that but the worms are active now to and require more food, water, and turning- a delicate balance which must be maintained in the heat of the coming season.

<--Compost W/castings
Harvesting involves removing the layer of material on top of the worm bin which contains the majority of worms inorder to reach the bottom layer which is rich in worm castings.
Pure castings-->

Personally I have been busy getting ready for our local farmers market. This is where I sell the bulk of my worm castings and organic tomato food. Customers come back year after year to replenish their supply of my black gold.