Saturday, March 24, 2007

As The Worm Bin Turns

I have visited many forums talking about worm bin composting and I constantly see the question being asked, “Do I need to turn my worm bin?” Most of the time the advice I see given is, “No, the worms do the turning…”

I have to set the record straight here. In my 9+ years of worm bin composting my bins have been through every experience from the best to the worst. My worms tell me that even though they don’t like being disturbed; they much prefer an environment that is loose and well aerated to that which is compact and dense.

Yes, I will agree that the worms do move through the bedding stirring it up, but you have to realize they are taking a very coarse material and breaking it down into a much finer material. In doing so the material is going to settle and become compacted. The worms are going to benefit greatly by being turned and loosened, incorporating air into the mix. Believe me the worms are happier. Add your fresh bedding and food stock at this time and the worms are going to reward you by actively moving into your fresh offering and getting right to work.

I supplement my feed with Purina Earthworm Chow. The directions on this professional product read as follows: “For best results, stir or turn the bedding at least twice a week. Keep the bedding loose and well aerated.”

Now I don’t turn my worms that often. My personal goal is to turn each worm bin at least once a month. Sometimes, especially during the winter months it just doesn’t happen. But during the worms’ active months I try harder. I know they are happier and more productive, which makes me be more productive.

My worms tell me they are happy. And now I need to get out and turn a worm bin.

This is the tool I use to turn my worm bins.

Happy Worming,

Mother Earths Farm
VermiCulture Northwest

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Be Creative With Your Unique Situation

I have always said that there are as many ways to worm bin compost as there are people worm bin composting. Always let your worms have the final say. If they are happy they will let you know. But you really need to pay close attention, because if they aren't happy bad things can happen fast.

Some day I hope to have the means to put together my own video showing how I worm bin compost. But until that day comes, I am on the look out for what other people are doing. Well, I found this video I thought I'd share with you. I think I'll try it out for myself. The information is basic and doesn't get into the details of the day to day. But check out my e-course and you'll get what you need.

A short how to do it yourself video about worm composting in an urban environment.
This video explains & shows how to build your own worm composting bin system.

Happy worming,


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Learn to Worm

Bin Compost...

Are you looking to start a worm bin? If so you are probably looking for information to help you get started. If that is the case, then listen up.

I have finished the second writing of my book "WORM BIN COMPOSTING: Nature's Way of Replenishing the Earth."

A good book is never really done. Such if the case with "WORM BIN COMPOSTING..." I will continue to add information as I rework the book, and new information as I discover it will also be added. Of course, the price will go up as I spend more time and resources gathering information to add to this already valuable resource..

The book covers all the "how to" information you will need to start your own worm bin. Plus it discusses all the other critters you will find in a healthy bin.

Like this one:

If you would be interested in purchasing this e-book you can

click here now.

If you do decide to purchase through this link I will gladly provide you with free updates of this book as I add to it. If you are interested in this additional benefit then you will need to sign up to my Worm Mailing List.

You can do that by clicking here.

I will also send you a free gift - plans for building your own 123 Bin, which is a great size for any serious worm bin composter to begin with.

PLEASE NOTE! If you would like to receive the 123 Bin plans you will need to send me your mailing address in a separate email to:

Please put "123 Bin plans" in the subject line.

I have personally been busy getting my worm bins ready for the already warming Spring weather. Bins are getting turned and new bedding material is being added. This is the time of year when you can really mix it up and add good amounts of food waste which will rapidly be consumed by worms and bacteria which are becoming active with the warmer temps.

Finished material is being removed to be processed which leaves more room in the bins for the additions mentioned above.

We are coming into a busy time of year... Keep a cool head and enjoy the rebirth of Spring.


Mother Earth's Farm / VermiCulture Northwest