Sunday, March 16, 2008


This time of year it's hard for the weather to make up it's mind. You just get to where you're thinking spring and winter hits again. It's not really winter cause the snow is more slush and the temp in the air is definitely warmer. But even so, Ol' Man Winter is still saying, "Not yet."

That's right, we got snow last night. Just a dusting really and it was gone by end of day. Still enough of a reminder to not get too anxious yet.
So I went out to check on the worms tonight, probably only the second time this week. The bins are showing more and more signs of worm population. Can't wait to get my hands in there this week.
Just a reminder, Episode 3 of "As The Worms Turn" will be coming up early this week. Be sure and tune in. We're going to talk about watering the bin, why and how much. And we'll probably talk a bit about food waste and where a majority of our waste ends up.
Organic waste is something that worms can take care of so efficiently. And while the waste is kept from the bowels of the earth, the end product actually feeds the soil and finishes the cycle.
See you next time on "As The Worms Turn"

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