Friday, March 28, 2008

Recent Comment On My New Podcast

Here is a recent comment on my new podcast. Indeed these videos will be of great value to anyone who is interested in learning all the fine points of how to worm bin compost.

"Christy, Its great! I can’t wait to watch the rest. It is very helpful. Susan Rickett"

This video: Controling Spidermites in the Worm Bin

I have a series of videos planned that will take you start to finish on how to set up, run and harvest a worm bin. If you want to know about these videos when they are ready please go to my web site and opt in for this information.

Find the "Journey in Video" headline in the right border.

If you have struggled with worm bin composting, or shyed away from trying it because you think it's too complicated, or maybe you had a bad experience before and don't want to risk it again: then these videos will be for you. Go now and sign up and receive notice of when I post to my podcast. There you will see a growing number of samples of the content you will find in these videos.

Until then, happy worming

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