Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Composting With Worms

<---This is pretty much how my world looks right now. The temps have been plunging into the single digits and sub-zero, and it's time for a wormn update.

The bins outside in the "worm shed" --->
have been without heat. Today when I went out to check on the temps of the bins and the compost therms. read 28 degrees.
I haven't touched the bins since before Thanksgiving.
Inside my bins are in a back room where there is no heat and those bins are cool as well and the worms are not eating much. Keeping the bedding moist for some reason has been a challenge.
I was just in turning them and I noticed that two of the three mini-bins were on the dry side and the third one was considerably more moist. The moist bin has the best population of worms, other than the bigger stacking worm bin.
So even in the cooler temps the worms prefer to be more on the moist side. I have been told that worms will die faster being hot and dry than being cold and too wet.
FYI, I am planning a series of worm composting videos that will show you how to set up a worm bin and maintain it from start to harvest. If you're interested there is a form available to sign up for notification of when those are released.
Until then,
Happy worming,

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