Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mini Worm Bins

How small is too small?

First let me say, the bigger the worm bin the more forgiving it is when something goes wrong. But still, there is much to be desired with a smaller bin.

Obviously they are going to take less time to care for, but I think my most favorite aspect of a smaller bin is how close you can get to the worms.

I have mentioned before that I have been using smaller bins to hold my worms while they wait for shipment. This has worked out pretty good. I am enjoying being up close with my worms and getting a good, daily look at what they are doing. I have to admit that often time my bigger bins are really neglected. But as I said, the bigger bins are more forgiving.

I missed getting into my smaller bins one night and the next day the bedding had gotten all soggy and stinky. Amazing, overnight the environment in the bin had turned and all the worms were all around the edge of the bin. They were easy to harvest out but the material in the bin was trash.

Anyway, I have a little video I put together. I'm just starting with the videos and will be producing a series to show how to set up a worm bin and manage it. It will be like a worm bin video blog. Sounds like fun. There is a form available for you if you want to be notified when I upload a new video, I can do that for you. Provide your address and birthdate (no year) and I will be able to send you a little surprise.

So, here's the video for now:


Hope you're having a great holiday season.
Happy New Year!

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