Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Showers

Brings May Flowers!
I'm not sure this is what they meant when they coined that phrase, but this is what my world woke up to this morning.
Beautiful in it's appropriate season, but this is suppose to be Spring, right?
Anyway, I am excited to start bringing you new videos for the new season.
My first series will be on AACT or Actively Aerated Compost Tea.
There is a lot of mis-information circulating out there and other people just not understanding what it is that they are using when they use the liquid that comes from their worm bins.
Hopefully the series will clear up a lot of that.
The one thing we all must learn is that, "Life finds a way."
Even the most toxic, waste dumps eventually heal and new life starts. But how many lifetimes does it take, and do we really want to leave that for our children.
Composting properly, gardening and farming organically, and just treating the earth with respect will teach our children and show them we care about their inheritance.
We will expand our discussion this year. I hope you will stay with me and share your thoughts.
The Worm Lady
Handle your waste responsibly.
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