Monday, November 19, 2007

The Importance Of Keeping Records On Your Worm Bin

If you're like me you always think you'll remember, but you know we never do.

I have four bins and while I go out every night and feed each one, once a week or so I do open a bin up and turn the material, harvest a few worms, and put down food stock and fresh bedding.

It happened again tonight. I went out to turn a bin and I couldn't remember for sure which one I had worked on last. I think I skipped one and so I'll have to go back, but it's a prime example why you need to keep a record book to write down what you're doing to what. I also don't remember when the last time I was out there to turn a bin.

The worms are going to be able to survive being skipped, but if something were to take a turn, either good or bad, I wouldn't know what to attribute it to because I have no record of what I did and when. It's important to keep a record of what exactly you did for a bin, if you fed, what you fed, temperature, moisture, etc.

Bin #4 is the bin that has been without supplemental heat for two winters. I'm not sure when I turned it last (because I have no written record). The worms are crawling up into the wire lid and they have no business being there. The temps are too cold. I keep trying to tell them they need to stay down in the bedding but it's like they're suicidal.

The weather has definitely taken a turn. We had our first snow up on Canfield Mt.

The air temp in the worm shed is right at 37 and the bin temperatures are reading 40-43.

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