Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting My Product to Market

Spring and Summer Are My Time For Harvest

The worm bins have come through winter thriving and now are providing me with many pounds of beautiful, black, rich castings and compost - and the real work begins.

Tending the bins:
  • Feeding

  • Watering

  • Turning

  • Adding fresh bedding

All of this is a piece of cake compared to the process of harvesting the finished material out of the bins. Since the worms are top feeders, and all the new material and feed is constantly being added to the top of the bin...all of the finished material is located at the bottom of the bin. This means that in order to get to it all the unfinished material on top must be moved for the finished material, which is full of the castings, to be accessed.

In my bigger 4X8' bins the process is made easier by providing a space at one end of the bin just for finished material. Approximately 1/4 of the bin is sectioned off for this purpose. This allows for the casting material to finish further composting and begin the drying process.

Once the product is removed from the bins it is moved into holding bins that allow me to continue to turn the casting material to dry further. My aim is to get the casting material dry enough to go through an 1/8 inch screen without leaving the holes clogged with moist casting material. Keep in mind however, that the castings need to contain a certain amount of moisture to maintain the life in the castings.

Once the castings are separated from the compost I use a portion of it to blend my custom organic fertilizer. I specifically call it Tomato Food because that is the crop's need I targeted when I researched and developed the recipe. But you could concievably use this food on pretty much any crop and obtain great results.

The base of the recipe is castings. If you are growing tomatoes and not using castings you are missing out on some of the best tomato growing experience you'll ever have.

I sell my product at my local Farmer's Market.

If you're ever in the area, look us up. We are a great Farmer's Market experience!

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