Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Be Creative With Your Unique Situation

I have always said that there are as many ways to worm bin compost as there are people worm bin composting. Always let your worms have the final say. If they are happy they will let you know. But you really need to pay close attention, because if they aren't happy bad things can happen fast.

Some day I hope to have the means to put together my own video showing how I worm bin compost. But until that day comes, I am on the look out for what other people are doing. Well, I found this video I thought I'd share with you. I think I'll try it out for myself. The information is basic and doesn't get into the details of the day to day. But check out my e-course and you'll get what you need.

A short how to do it yourself video about worm composting in an urban environment.
This video explains & shows how to build your own worm composting bin system.

Happy worming,


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Frank said...

looks like the video no longer exists, but if you do a search on youtube, here's its new location...